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Die Skis von Timbaer testen

Testing Timbaer skis

We would be happy to advise you on the purchase of your new Timbaer skis. Based on our experience and some information about your skiing style and your current skis, we can recommend a Timbaer model for you. In addition to this advice, you have the following options to test Timbaer's ski models on and off the slopes.

Test skis for free every day on the Ebenalp

You can test all Timbaer models every day during the opening times of the Ebenalp ski area. The Timbar team will be happy to provide you with the unique ski of your choice and will answer any questions you may have. Simply register at the Timbar on site without registering.

January and March 2023: Appenzell ski package

The Appenzell ski package offers another opportunity to test the Timbaer models during a day's skiing in the Alpstein. The ski days will take place over several weekends in January and March 2023. Included is a workshop tour, dinner at Hof Weissbad with overnight stay at Weissbad Lodge and a day of skiing on the Ebenalp with lunch at the Ebenalp mountain inn. You can find more information and registration for the Appenzell ski package here .

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